Competency Development and Management

- Competency development underpins all improvements in housing sector performance
- Organisations that embrace competency based performance management will see improvements across their business model
- Competency based management improves tenant safety, personal accountability, productivity and employee and tenant engagement
- The NHA is the best way to drive such changes through the sector

Frameworks - Apprenticeships & Qualifications

- We are developing and adding to a national Competency Framework Database to help drive up skills and performance across the sector
- We are developing the first UKAS accredited national competency Management Standard for the Housing Sector
- This new UKAS standard will assure all CEO's of Housing Sector organisations that they are delivering a safe and competent service to their clients
- We have developed 2 new apprenticeships for the sector as well as additional competency based courses and qualifications

Tenant & Community Skills

- We have a growing portfolio of Housing Sector courses and qualifications for tenants delivered by our sector specialists training provider network.
- Our sector specialists are drawn from the most experienced and innovative organisations in the housing sector
- We believe that the our communities needs better pathways and workbased training initiatives and programmes to attract the next generation workforce into our sector
- We believe that our partnership with Google ans TPAS will provide a platform for an integrated tenant based service