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Course Description

This is a hands-on practical skills course designed to enable operatives to:

  • Drill out night latch cylinders in the correct place and manner. Alternative suggestions for opening a door with night latch, rather than drilling out cylinder e.g. slip cards or push pin through stop bead.
  • Drill out a Euro Cylinder, with or without hardened anti drill pins, and be able to open the door without snapping the lock off or damaging the gear box locking mechanism if it has one. An understanding of how the cylinder functions and the reason for 360 degree spins on the barrel.
  • Drill out a Euro cylinder with a thumb turn with or without hardened anti drill pins. How to engage cylinder from outside allowing barrel to be turned and door opened.
  • Know the positions for marking out drill holes and learn techniques for opening 5 Lever Dead Locks

If you have a particular lock you are having a problem gaining access to, e.g. a multi-lock system, provide us with a sample along with the details of make, model etc. We will endeavour to find a solution to the problem and develop training for your operatives.

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