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Course Description

This course is designed to equip surveying and supervisory staff with the skills to carry out the routine surveying and supervision of fire resisting doorsets and assemblies.  The course sets out the legal and compliance framework, discusses the responsibilities of supervisors to check, record and report and how to coordinate/ rectify non-compliance issues.

The course includes a significant element of hands-on practical training within occupied properties, where delegates are given the opportunity to record and report data which will be used to guide their maintenance staff on the steps they need to take to rectify faulty fire doors.

The Legal Framework  

  • The legal framework governing Fire Doors and compliance issues BS EN classifications and their relevance  
  • The Certification and Testing process and its impact within building maintenance  
  • The regulations and Standards that affect HA’s with regards to Testing, Certification and Maintenance

Construction, Manufacture and Performance Requirements  

  • Fire Resisting door sets, their component parts and the part that each plays in protecting residents and escape routes
  • Smoke Penetration, Intumescence, Fire and Heat Separation
  • Fire Resisting Door Sets-Component Parts Construction and Performance Requirements  
  • Fire Escape Door Sets-Component Parts  - Construction and Performance Requirements

On-Site Practical Training on the assessment process  

  • Assessment Paperwork - Design and audit requirements  
  • The management chain – internal organisational structure and responsibilities  
  • Practical assessment techniques – participants will undertake the assessment and report writing on door sets in occupied properties in local area  
  • Standardisation of decision making  
  • Coordinating the correct response, monitoring and Inspection

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