How do I get involved with the NHA?

There are many ways to get involved.

You can join any one of a number of NHA steering committees.

You can help write courses and share your content amongst the membership

You can write articles for the monthly newsletter

You can become an accredited trainer if you have a particular specialism

Is the NHA a charity or a private business?

The NHA is currently a Not-for-Profit organisation. It is planned to convert to full charitable status when it can become financially self-sufficient which is estimated to be in 2021

How does the NHA receive and spend its income?

The NHA receives membership subscriptions and levies a surcharge on all training providers to sustain its business income. It receives 15% of all software charges made to providers and 10% of all course fees. Its primary costs are associated with setting up and maintaining the NHA digital infrastructure and writing qualifications, courses and apprenticeships.

How safe is my portal from hacking?

AS you are aware, no system is absolutely foolproof however our software engineers and our hosting partners Amazon take security very seriously. All our portals are hosted within the Amazon Wbb Server cloud environment and are always on secure encoded platforms. We do not share databases between clients and operate everything behind secure firewalls. In addition to this we do not store credit card details, NI numbers or home addresses.

Is membership payment taken monthly or annually from our account?

Payments are taken annually on a rolling agreement which can be cancelled at anytime with 3 months notice by either party

Who owns the data on my portal and CMS?

Data ownership is divided amongst two groups, the Individual and the Organisation. Individuals own their personal data and organisations have ownership of the corporate data.

When an individual leaves the employment they can request one of three options.

-They can request the return or all their data and a

-They can request a delete of all their data

-They can request a transfer of their data to a new organisation.

Organisations can:

- Set up an API to a company server to save all data from their databases on NHA to a given location

-Request deletion at anytime within a 3 months notice

-Transfer their data to a new organisation

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