New UKAS Competency Management Standard for Housing Sector

The NHA began work on a competency management standard in October 2018, with the development programme expected to take 12-15 months. The aim of the programme is to develop the capacity and capabilities of the NHA to certificate organisations on their management of competency within their respective organisations. The process of writing the inspection specification has begun with the selection of suitable sector management specialists co-opted to assist Steve Makowski with the writing of the specification.

"The Hackett Report vindicates the NHA position on competency and this new standard will give the sector a concise management standard for them to measure themselves against. It will be designed to meet all the regulatory and inspection requirements for competency management with the housing sector."

The process will be managed by NHA CEO Steve Makowski who will lead the Standards team, assisted by key management consultants in the sector.

NHA will, as part of this programme, become the Certification Body for this new Competency Management Standard for the sector with a remit to audit and certificate organisations against the standard. It is also lobbying HCA to include reference to competency within all inspection regimes to embed the competency recommendation contained within Hackett into their audit remit.

Blog Post written by:
Stephen Makowski
NHA Co-Founder & Chief Executive