NHA complete Multi-Skilled Apprenticeship review

The NHA apprenticeships and Qualifications committee have been working hard behind the scenes to shape the national training provision for muti-skilled operatives.

What did the review seek to achieve?

The review sought to revise the training content to more adequately reflect the needs of the sector and provide a platform for further progression opportunities for technical staff

"The committee has worked hard to develop an apprenticeship that will deliver a more embedded skills base, encourage more young people into the sector and provide them with greater progression opportunities''

The apprenticeship minimum programme length has been extended from 1 year minimum to 2 years minimum to reflect the growing evidence that the previous programme was too short to develop and embed the necessary skills within young apprentices.

The programme skills content has been extended to include greater emphasis on reactive maintenance activities and to reflect the demand driven model of maintenance organisations and the knoledge and skills training requirements have been revised to more accurately reflect the needs of the sector.

Work continues on this standard before the committee will turn its attention to the writing of the new Level 3 apprenticeship standard in Housing and Property Maintenance

Blog Post written by:
Stephen Makowski
NHA Co-Founder & Chief Executive