NHA Learning Management Network

We develop, manage and operate a national network of Learning Management portals which enable the rapid distribution and management of learning and skills for our membership.

Organisational branding and identity

We acknowledge the values and identities of our membership and our portals on the network allows for full customisation and branding to suit individual organisations corporate and social agendas

Competency - Compliance - Accountability - Skills

The NHA learning network provides all members with the means to develop the competency, accountability and skills of its workforce in a managed national learning environment

NHA Competency Management System

We have partnered with two leading software houses to develop a competency management platform to facilitate the effective management of housing organisation competency.

Competency Management

BeCompetent is a bespoke software toolkit designed to supports organisational management of competence with the Housing Sector. It provides a detailed infrastructure for an evidence-based approach to quality assuring the competency management process.

Getting you ready for Certification and Accreditation

BeCompetent is designed as a toolkit to progress organisations towards full audit and certification and the NHA is actively working on a new UKAS specification for competency management for the sector

NHA + Google

NHA have partnered with Google to provide the full G-Suite for Education toolkits for every tenant undertaking community or tenant training and skills development

Improving access to the Digital Landscape for Everyone

This key partnership is designed to improve access to the digital learning content and programmes for every tenant in the UK undertaking an NHA skills or learning programme

G-Suite for Education

G-Suite is a growing suite of educational toolkits and platforms that facilitates learning within the digital age. It provides free access for every tenant undertaking training with the NHA to the world's leading educational apps.

NHA Learner Record Store

The LRS facilitates dynamic learning data collection and supports the' learning anywhere' agenda

NHA + Learning Locker

Learning Locker is a leading LRS platform that uses the Xapi specification to gather and synthesise learning data and places the NHA at the forefront of education technology

Analyse - Big Data Collection - Learning Anywhere

The LRS is designed to provide a toolkit for large-scale data collection and analysis. It has a wide role to play in community information and engagement and will be used in 2019 to increase access to wider tenant pools and communities and develop greater data gathering opportunities